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How to Sign Up and Set Up a Telehealth Call Video Transcription

Thank you for scheduling a TeleHealth visit with your care provider. My name is Megan Stewart with Cure for You and i’m going to be walking you through what to expect after scheduling this visit with your doctor.

You will receive an email from your doctor’s office that looks something like this.

It will not be from Cure for You, as this email is here. But it will be from your doctor’s office. It will have your name and your appointment details. This email is very helpful, please read it in it’s entirety to understand exactly what to expect for your TeleHealth visit with your doctor.

Step 1 says to login and test your connection. To login and test your connection you’re going to need access to this username and password. When you get this email please open it up immediately and write down your username and password. You’ll see here that you can also click to login from a computer or you can download the app if you’re on your mobile device. We have link to the Apple app store, as well as the Google Play store. Apple app store is if you have an iPhone or an iPad. Google Play store is if you’re using an Android device.

Today i’m going to be showing you how to download the app from the Apple app store. When i tap on this link here, to the Apple app store, it’s going to ask me which browser i want to use to open it. So i’m going to select Open, next to Safari. When i do that, it’s going to automatically bring me to the Apple app store and the MyCarePlan by Cure for You page.

From here, you’ll want to tap on this cloud with the down arrow, to proceed with downloading the app. It may ask you for your Apple ID, username, and password if you don’t have it stored on your personal device. If you do, it will download just like it did for me, and you’ll be able to click on Open in blue, and it will open the MyCarePlan app by Cure for You.

May take a second to load.

Alright, so once you get to this screen, you’re going to want to tap Login at the bottom here. This is where you can enable notifications to yourself from our app, so it will notify you if you receive a message or have an upcoming appointment. I am going to recommend that all of you allow for notifications so you’ll be alerted. In the username spot, you’re going to want to type in the username from the email you received from your doctor’s office.

Please choose yes to save your Touch ID, so that you don’t have to remember your password. Next, it will ask you to setup a new password and confirm that password. So i will do that now.

Next, it will ask you to set a security question. Examples are: my mother’s maiden name or my first car. So if i was going to do my first car, you would type out ‘My first car’ as the question. Then, the reply for the question is whatever your first car was. And then when you’re done, hit save.

Upon logging in to the app, you’ll be presented with a screen that asks you to pay your co-pay, update your demographics, sign your TeleHealth consent form, and start your video call. To pay your co-pay, you’re going to tap on ‘Pay Copay’.

It will present you with the amount due for today’s visit. To pay your copay, you’ll click on ‘Pay Now’ at the bottom. And then type out your credit card information. I am going to enter in some fake credit card information, just so you can see what happens.

Once you’ve entered in your credit card information, you’re going to hit ‘Submit’ at the bottom. And your co-payment for today’s visit will be taken care of. It also will tell you that a payment receipt will be emailed to your email that’s on file.

Next, you’ll click on ‘Go to Next Task’. This is where it will ask you to update your demographic information. You’re going to go through each field and update it with your most up to date information. For example, to update your Social Security number, you are going to tap in the box underneath Social Security number and update your number here.

Same thing with address. City, Zipcode, and State. After completing, you’ll hit ‘Next’ at the bottom. And fill out the rest of the information. Contact preference, we’ll say ‘Mobile’, hit next. Emergency contact. Then next, language, ethnicity, race, and whether or not you give consent to call, then hit submit, and then go to next task.

Next will be the TeleHealth consent form. Please read and review the consent form. When you are finished reading the consent form, click to sign the document here. And then you’ll be able to sign with your finger in the box provided.

Check that you have read the terms and conditions and hit submit.

Click ‘Go to Next Task’ and you’re ready for your video call. When you’re ready for your video call, at the time of your appointment, you’re going to click on ‘Start Video Call Here’. When you click on Start Video Call, you’ll be presented with this screen, where you can again click ‘Start Video Call Here’.

Upon clicking this button, it will ask you if we can access the camera on your device. You’re going to click ‘OK’.

When you click OK, you will see yourself in the top right self in the top right corner.

Sorry, you’re seeing my ceiling and my iPad is laying flat on my desk. Umm, but when you are in the .

When you are in your virtual waiting room, you will see a screen that says ‘Please Wait, your provider will start the call in a minute’. When your provider joins the call, you will then see your provider’s face in the blue window. If you wish to hang up the call, you’ll click on the red ‘Hang Up’ button down here. If during your visit, your provider asks you to flip your camera around to look at maybe a wound or an injury, you can flip your camera around using this button here.

At the conclusion of the call, your provider will ask you to hang up. When your provider asks you to hang up, you will click on the red ‘Hang Up’ button here.

And that concludes today’s session on what to expect when scheduling a TeleHealth visit with your doctor.